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Blank Map of the USA Printable – States, Outline

Blank Map of the USA is a document that is used to learn about the geography structure of the United States. Not only that, a blank map is also used for drawing the geographical structure. Blank maps are considered as a great worksheet. If you are a beginner is the field of Geography the use the map of USA blank printable for both learning and practice purposes. There is so much to learn when it comes to the geography of the United States. The United States of America, is a country primarily located in North America. In the United States, there are 50 states, a federal district, five major unincorporated territories, 326 Indian reservations, and nine minor outlying islands. In terms of both land and total area, USA is the world’s third-largest country.

If you want to know about the States, Capitals, Rivers, Cities in the United States the check out the blank printable map of USA here and download a map for your use. Through this post, we are providing printable blank map and the worksheet map templates of USA to enhance your geographical knowledge about the country.

Blank Map of the USA

Blank Map of the USA

Blank maps are used by geography students to draw the structure of a country. Every country has its own structure area, this is why the map of every country is different from the other. The blank map of the United States is provided below, students may use this map to test their geographical learning about the United States.

Download this blank map in a digital form for your use or you can take the print-out as well. A printable map is easy to carry and use, this is why people prefer them. Instead of drawing a map of USA on your own, it makes more sense to use a blank map available for free download on the internet.

Blank Map of USA with States

Blank Map of USA with States

There are 50 states in all, plus the District of Columbia, also known as Washington, D.C. Alaska, which is situated in the extreme northwest of North America, and Hawaii, which is situated in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, round out the 48 contiguous states. Five significant territories as well as several islands are part of the United States. Check out the blank map of states of USA below and download it for your use. You can also take a print-out as well.

Blank Outline Map of USA

Blank Outline Map of USA

An outline map is the one that provides the basic information so that the more details can be added in it. An outline map is used by both beginners and professionals. Beginners uses this map because they just stated to learn to draw a full-fledge map of the country and professionals uses outline map because they have their own researched material to add on the map.

An outline map is a must to have if you are interested in geography. Check out the outline map of USA below, download it, and take a print-out for your use.

Printable Map of USA Blank Worksheets

Printable Map of USA Blank

A blank map could be used as a worksheet as well, check out the USA blank map worksheet below and practice what you have learned. Well, after learning or understanding the geography of the USA, one always wants to test his or her understanding on paper to ensure that they can accurately depict the geography of the nation.  To assist you in the process of practice, we have a downloadable worksheet that you can use to practise creating a map of the United States on paper, check out the map template below and download it.


The united states of America is one of the top countries in the world in terms of development and economy. The world’s largest and most developed economy is that of the United States. Both the industrial and service sectors make up the majority of it. Geography enthusiasts are always interested in knowing more about the USA because there is so much of it. Maps are the most valuable documents when it comes to learning the geography of the country and we are hoping that you find the blank map of USA here useful for your work.

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