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Flat Map of the World with Countries, Continents, Longitude, Latitude

Are you looking forward to discover the world’s geography? If yes then you need a flat map of the world. It’s impossible to understand the geography of the world without a good map, therefore, do check out the flat world map templates here and download one for your own use. Through this post, we are shared the world flat map in printable format. Use any of the world map here to know about the countries, continents, longitude, latitude, etc. Download and print any of the world map template for your use from here.

Different type of world maps are available these days such as blank map, labeled map, outline map, etc. Flat map is one of those map that is used by people when it comes to exploring the world’s geography. If you are a student or enthusiast of the geography then do check out the flat maps here and download one for your use. You can take a print-out of the flat map after downloading it. Unlike other maps, a flat map shows the geography of the world in a flat format. This map is different from the circular map.

Flat Map of the World

Flat maps are completely different from the globe which is known as round map. Flat maps are used because you can fold, unfold them, carry them anywhere. Carrying a globe is difficult in comparison to flat maps. The flat world map is heavily used because they are easy to carry and use.


A flat map has information of all the countries in a 2D format, there is no need to flip or rotate the map to observe the world’s geography. Flat maps are in demand because they are easier to use and carry as well. If you are looking for the printable world flat maps then check them here and download for your use.

Map of the World Flat

Here, for the benefit of all of our readers, is a flat map of the entire world template that is entirely printable. Take a look at this template and print the one that you find the most useful. The template will assist the readers in creating their own globe map that is fully functional and portable. The world’s flat map is helpful for quickly understanding the countries, continents and oceans of the planet.


Additionally, school-age children can utilise the world’s flat map to benefit in their study of global geography. Additionally, they can alter the map to suit their particular learning needs.

Flat map of the world with longitude and latitude


Flat World Map with Continents

The world is divided into seven continents. One of Earth’s seven major landform divisions is the continent. The continents are Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Antarctica, Europe, and Australia, in order of largest to smallest. You should be quite familiar with each continent as a geographer.


Flat World Map with Countries


Today, there are 195 nations in the world. This number includes the Holy See and the State of Palestine, two non-member observer nations, together with the 193 United Nations member states.

Now you have printable flat map of world, you can download any world map from here and take a print-out as well. For more world and country maps, you need to keep checking this site. A map is the best document when it comes to learn the geography of a country, continent, state, or city. Keep a check on this site for all the useful maps in downloadable format.

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